Preparing to upgrade Norman’s tank

Hi!! I saw a like decent sale at Petsmart of a 40 gal Zoo med terrarium (it’s 50% off) and I was wondering if Zoo med tanks are good?? Or should I just go with the exo terra one bc I know a lot of people use that brand too.

I’m wondering bc I don’t know if the zoo med will go on sale like that again and spending 119$ seems better than spending 230$ on Normans tank he’ll need for when he’s bigger. The only problem is that he is still quite small so it would just be in limbo until he grows a bit yknow?

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I have not had any personal experience with ZooMed tanks but I have heard that they are pretty much the same as an exo terra.

Is he still buried in his substrate?

ZooMed tanks are definitely made with cheaper materials. I find them flimsy and much prefer Exo Terra, but if it’s a really good deal, it might be worth it.


I don’t plan to move him rn but i found him Monday (we dug him up) bro was snug as a bug in a rug

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