Preserving Passed Animals

Ok so apparently theres no iso in here so I’ll just tell about what I do. I preserve things in resin, including flowers, plants, and inverts. Im wanting to get into preserving snakes and lizards, as well as rodents. I also want to do skeleton articulation with rodents and other animals. I have a line on a local taxidermist for skeletons, and the way i would preserve the animals is by preserving it in salt, baking soda, and silica before it has a chance to properly decompose. Then when it is fully dried out I would preserve it in resin. Same with the skeletons.

If anybody is interested in getting rid of some passed animals just dm me please. I check periodically and will take anything. Im based out of the US.

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I have several of baby ball pythons, a baby crested gecko, and a baby albino checkered garter snake that all passed on me.
I’d love to get them all preserved, mostly wet specimens for the ball pythons, and maybe resin ones for the crestie and baby garter.

I just don’t quite know how all of that works, or I’d do it on my own :sweat_smile:

I have two Prairie Dogs I’d like to preserve/embalm when their time comes. Once the process is done is it good for life or will the animal start decomposing after a certain amount of years?

With embalming it doesn’t preserve them forever. To put them in resin you have to mummify them in salt and baking soda, and to put them in a wet specimen you just put them in a jar with isopropyl alcohol, which naturally preserves specimens.