Pretend Dead snake ;)

I dug this little conda hognosed snake out of his tub to check on him(his name is Freddy because he has a little guitar marking on his head.)
LOL This is the first time I have seen this particular response in person.

I took pictures because he was so cute. He forgot and kept flicking his tongue even though he was “dead” I then realized I have no one to show them to in person :frowning: my husband wouldn’t understand and the people I work with just think snakes are creepy, scary, and evil. It makes me glad that the internet is here so I can connect to other people of like mind.


It’s really not something you see much in captivity unless the animal is fairly young, happens to me at least once per clutch which still amuses me.

From the drama of playing dead to the bad ass attitude they can give you they never cease to entertain.


Oddly enough I’ve never had this happen. Even the one clutch I hatched out, the babies didn’t play dead. Though I’m sure I’ll run into it eventually :joy:

I honestly thought you were talking about an actual dead snake (after looking at the title), and was gonna be really sad for a moment there. I didn’t have the best of luck with my first ball python clutch and out of 8 eggs only 1 baby survived. So I’ve been a little sensitive to that :sob::joy:


I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to distress anyone. I will try and be more sensitive in the future.

Oh no, it’s fine! I didn’t mean to sound overly upset about it :sweat_smile:
Once I realized I kinda chuckled to myself about it ahaha

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Cool pic. The Tongue flicking is pretty common, in fact with many of them if you flip them over on their bellies they will flip back to keep playing dead.