Pretty little widow

This little lady came out to see why I was disturbing her crawl space on an estimate last week. Homeowner’s first question was, of course, “did you kill it”. I did not. My installers work in attics and crawl spaces at least half of their work days. They never bother us, so we don’t bother them :man_shrugging:

I don’t know anything about arachnid’s thermoregulation mechanism but I was surprised to see her so active at 50*F.


They are beautiful spiders.


They really are. I’m not huge on arachnids but I’ve always liked these and the Black and Yellow Garden spiders I used to see in Missouri.


Black widows and arachnids are my jam!

There are few arachnid keepers/breeders and even fewer female arachnid keeper/breeders.

I plan on getting some of my arachnids tattooed on me by my friend who does ally tattoos he is excellent at doing real life portrait and animal photos but really he can do it all very excellently.