Prey Size Charts and frequency of feedings

I’m sure this question has been answered before but I want it to be on the top so new owners can see it. I’m wondering what’s the most popular chart everyone reads when deciding prey size and also how often would you feed them. Pets compared to breeder snakes.


Most of us here dont use those anymore because after a while its easy to eye ball.

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I feed my babies a pinkie every three days then once they stop accepting these frequent meals I move to once a week.

Every three days meaning Monday then again Friday.

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I have a question though: I read the thread by mikewilbanks where he talks about splitting up the weekly meal into more frequent smaller meals. I’m not interested in the growth boost, I just want to know if it’s bad for the BP to eat more frequent, smaller meals.


If you read the thread the idea was only on males no benefit to feeding females the same way they need a couple years to be mature no matter how they are fed.


I think it has to do with their stomach acid. It takes about 24 hours I think for their digestive system to start working and if you feed let’s say 2 smaller meals within 3 days it takes less energy to keep the digesting process going rather then feeding at the end of the week and beginning of the week. I’m not sure which article the was posted in but it’s the general idea. Also only when proper weight is achieved that you should resume to normal feeding schedule.