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Hi everyone! I’m fairly new to this community, and I’m looking to purchase a ball python, and I’ve seen some pretty reasonably priced ones, but also some starting at $20. Can anyone tell me why they would be sold for so little? Is it just to make room for incoming snakes, or just need-to-go inventory? Is it just the type of snake? I highly doubt they’re sick, or something of that nature, but I’m so, idk if anxious is the right word, about purchasing a snake I just want to do everything right lol. Also, if anyone has any advice or tips on the market or just about Ball Pythons in general, it’d be greatly appreciated! Again, as I just want to make sure I’m doing everything right and giving a great, long life to my future pet. Thank you all!


Right now the market is so over saturated that people are retailing snakes for wholesale prices just hoping to sell them at all. It’s just supply and demand. At the moment supply dramatically outweighs the demand. There are currently over 45,000 ball pythons listed in the US and Canada, and the number is growing not shrinking.


Another thing to consider is the price that you’re gonna pay for shipping, so some breeders will offer the lower demand babies for cheap hoping to sell a few at a time as a bundle. Like was said, more of a wholesale option.

Most of the cheapest are common wild types, single genes that are common like pastel or spider or low expressions of genes like enchi. So from the breeder standpoint they’re considered the easiest pet quality as well, not something to hold back so yes, space is the other concern.


While a lot of factors are included in price, supply and demand is a huge one. There are thousands upon thousands of ball pythons for sale, and certain morphs (color patterns) are more valued due to their rarity or popularity. It’s basically just a pretty paint job, but can affect price pretty drastically. Wild type (or normal) ball pythons are generally the cheapest, I’ve seen them offered up for as low as $10. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, there’s just so many


While the number of snakes in the hobby has certainly risen, I think it is more the economy broadly that is the reason people are not buying snakes.

During recessions, when prices on essentials begin to climb and it comes to putting food on the table or gas in the car, the luxury of adding a(nother) snake is going to lose every time. Coupled with people having gotten a little too comfortable with the “free” money that the government was handing out during the front end of the pandemic… People are starting to feel the pinch and so are doing away with non-essential things


Attrition is a huge factor I’m sure. The reality is the top end of the market probably hasn’t seen much change. I doubt you’d have any issue moving some g stripe acid stuff right now :joy: It ‘s the “paycheck” snakes as Chris Eaton calls them that have taken the biggest hit. Probably due to both over saturation at those lower tiers, and the economy digging in everyone’s pocket.

These are the times that separate the field. You’d better either have something very desirable, or be someone desirable to buy from if you don’t want to sit on snakes right now. It’s been hit or miss this year. What’s happened to me all year is every show enough good stuff moves to slowly filter my available animals down to full displays of missed odds lol.


AMEN! You have nailed it! Unfortunately there are people right now having to decide between food, meds, gas, utilities, etc., which have been taken for granted in the not too distant past due to so much money being “freely” handed out.

@ajs98 Fortunately for you, you can pick up a nice BP fairly cheaply even with the cost of shipping added! Especially since this is your first snake. I have a beautiful sweet little normal BP girl that I got about this time last year for 45.00 plus shipping. All of my reptiles are pets only.

IMHO only, it’s a shame that due to economic woes from time to time certain industries suffer more than others and the reptile industry is one of them. As for me, I have added 3 more snakes and 1 toad in the last 6 months! And they all came from MorphMarket ! I can’t help myself!!! Lol :snake::upside_down_face::joy::rofl:

Best of luck with your purchase! You will get a lot of great advice here!


You might be surprised. I have actually seen very little interest in the animals I have available for that project. Guess I need to try and WOW people by making more combos (and then be criticized for working the project too hard and leaving nothing for anyone else to do :man_facepalming:t4: LOL)


Could be cuz its a normal. There are so many normals out there that some breeders give them away with the purchase of another snake.

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Thank you!!!

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An excellent observation and statement. I would submit also, that the inflation we’re experiencing (highest in 40+ years) is likely exacerbating the issue dramatically, if not outright creating it. People need money more than ever so they breed more snakes, but then no one has money to buy them. When groceries, gas and other basic costs double/triple, “disposable income” for many people simply ceases to exists. Here’s hoping our economic troubles turn around sooner than later.

Just noticed the comment from t_h_wyman. Didn’t mean to double up (we’re basically saying the same thing).

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It is undeniable that part of the issue facing us (“us” meaning those trying to sell reptiles in this market), is that shipping prices have risen to RIDICULOUS rates that many buyers are understandably, unwilling to pay. Somehow (suggestions welcome :), pressure should be applied to FedEx and the contractors we use to ship reptiles to lower shipping prices. We are being price-gouged! Everyone in this equation: sellers, buyers, shippers… would benefit from lower shipping costs.

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If you’re poor, I get it, I’m snake poor myself. But if you’re going to buy a Ball Python and can afford a little more, get a cool morph. I see plenty of Pieds on MorphMarket for under $500. That may seem like a lot for a snake, try trolling Reticulated Pythons for some of the morphs from Ben Roger’s (very reputable breeder) and Prehistoric Pets (also a very reputable breeder). If you’re going to spend the money, get something you are going to be happy with. :blush:

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My mistake - Bob Clark breeds Reticulated Pythons.

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Funny how that works. Once it’s en vogue though, they’re all racing to catch the market ala Batman or Pompeii. Leopard/spotnose/clown stuff is becoming todays Spinner Blast so many people are in the Justin chase. It’s been interesting to watch unfold.


Yeah… I hate the chase. I was working with RedStripe for a decade before the Pompeii dropped and the hobby as a whole considered it a “trash” morph. Now I can hardly find a RS without Clown in it and I do not work with Clown so it is annoying when I want to add a new bit of blood to my projects and doubly annoying that the things I do produce get passed over because they do not have Clown so no one wants them because they cannot keep up with the chase


Tbh I don’t play with or even like Clown, the wife loves it and wants me to eventually. I’m not into the Batman or Pompeii. Yeah they look cool contrast and color wise, but they are too busy for me. I also don’t like Monsoon/Moray because they are too busy and Clowns in general just don’t look good to me.


I have had the same thought. Even personally there are animals I planed to buy before the economy issues. (Note: UK suffering too) Now I have to wait and see what food and basics at 10% plus inflation and increased mortgage payments is going to do to my disposable income, let alone the even higher price rises in fuel and energy bills.
Yes, there are always those that have enough money or for other reasons will pay, But the majority are not in those groups and are worried.


I try really hard to like Clown. I work with it a little. I’ve just been making DH stuff with it lately to force myself to stay in the project lol. I do like some G-Stripe clown stuff (just hatched 6 double hets) but I’m not entirely sure where I was going with the DH Hypo Clown stuff I made this year, Hypo Clowns don’t interest that much :man_facepalming: