Probability of GHI in this?

Claimed to be a GHI Lesser Pastel. WDYT?

Could be, the lighting is a little odd makes it difficult see. I would ask for a better picture.

I’m not seeing GHI in there.


Not seeing GHI


I would say it’s possible. Very cute snake nonetheless.
@john are you able to get the parents verified or get a clutch pic?

not seeing ghi in that. color and pattern aren’t quite right for ghi.


If that’s just a pastel lesser, then it’s a really nice example.

I’m saying no as well

While we are at it. There is a super daddy, Mojave listed on MM. That isn’t possible is it? Maybe they meant het daddy, Mojave? Maybe I’m wrong?

Yes, it’s an ad on MM that was reported. We don’t generally enforce genetics labeling on the front end – this is way beyond our ability – but if something were very clearly mislabeled, as I thought this might be, then I at least want to have a conversation with the seller.