Probe placement

Setting up my ARS 5540, does anyone have suggestions on prove placement? I have done other racks (Animal Plastics) so I have done the plastic ones but none like this before.

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As luck would have it, I just assembled the same model last week and had the same thoughts. I ended up placing the probe on top of the middle most shelf heating element, between the two tubs. (I’ve only assembled 9 of the 10 shelves due to a height restriction where the rack is). I taped it down with a strip of aluminum heat tap so that it doesn’t completely cover the probe. I m seeing a variation of about 3 degrees over the 9 levels, but nothing terrible. I have considered putting half the plugs into a different power strip and using a Herpstat 2. For now, I will just monitor it and see how it goes. Good luck.

I use ARS racks and had issues with temp variations from level to level. I contacted ARS and asked what they recommend and they said to use a dual-zone thermostat. Place probe #1 on the bottom level and have it control the first three levels. Place probe #2 on the seventh level and have it control levels 4-10.

This works pretty well. I actually ended up buying a Herpstat 4 and running two ARS racks in this configuration.

FYI - when you use a multi output thermostat, each output has a maximum wattage that it can supply. The 5540 and 7030 both need 32w per level.


Thank you for the information. That is really helpful. I hadn’t considered the wattage situation.