Probing vs Popping Noob

I have not been properly shown how to pop a snake yet. I won’t attempt it until I’ve been shown atleast once even with research It’s not something I’m fully comfortable with right now. With that said I would be more willing to attempt probing. I’m still pretty sure I’d like some in person guidance on this even before I do. My question is do most breeders do both or favor one over another? Is one more accurate? Or does it come down to the Person Poppin/Probing and thier experience more than method? Also age. Is it harder on an adult and how early is too early to even bother or unsafe to?


I pop everything, with adult it comes to practice the more you do it the better you get at it, now it’s not easy but it can be done.

Having someone that can show you in person will definitely be key, the main mistake people do from what I have seen when showing people how to pop is finger placement and lack of pressure.

A lot of people under estimate how much pressure is necessary and are often scared to apply pressure on young individuals.

Once you know how to do it practice, practice, practice.


I pop everything as well, and learned how through watching a few videos on it. With probing I know you have a high chance of hurting the snake if you don’t know what you are doing, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have someone to show you how in person.


I probe everything, but I had someone teach me a long time ago and have done it for years, The main issue is, if you push too hard they all come up male and you can really hurt the snake. that being said, I do think it is the most accurate method, if you learn to do it right. Probes should be lubed, you need to choose the right size and it does not require pressure. It is also a very delicate process with smaller snakes so, if you are sexing hatchlings popping is probably better.