Problem of feed

omg, she is so hungry! I fed her on April 30, and she has finished her digestion in 48 hours! She came out for food yesterday, and she showed a great interest in my computer(it is hot so I think she wants to know whether it is food?) and now she comes out again, flicking her tongue frequently, and stares at me straightly “Dude, I am hungry”
She is 6 months old, and I am not sure about her weight(I bought a scales but it will arrive next week) the breeder told me she is 100g so I prepare 10-13g food for her each meal, but it seems like she is still want to eat more…

Can I feed her more frequently? For example, giving her a meal every five days?

Have you monitored her weight? Has she gotten bigger since you got her from the breeder? Sorry if these questions might seem basic but they are important. I do know that snakes should only be fed once a week when growing anything less can become unhealthy for the snake. Perhaps the prey item should be bigger I know we are feeding our 336g BP a juvenile rat. What age of rodent are you feeding if you don’t mind me asking?

Snake is just being a snake. Don’t read into it too much.

this is the fifth day since I got my ball python, and I decide to monitor her weight. Like I said, I bought a scales but it will arrive next week so I will monitor her weight, and she hasn’t grow or shed because the time we spend together is too short. However, I can provide as more information as I know for you.

  1. this girl is six months old
  2. she is 100g according to the breeder
    3.the age of the rodent is 18-24 with fur, each of them is 10-13gram.

:joy: :joy: true, but will feed her every five days be harmful to her?

I would say just stick to once a week and you’ll be fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree with The royal clutch. I highly recommend for you to check out snake discovery they have an excellent video on how to size fool, deal with picky eaters, shedding advice, care, etc.

I am sure your snake will be fine and if it’s of increasing concern you can always take him to the local vet ^^

ok! thank you!

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got it! thanks a lot!