Problem of temperature

what’s the best ambient temperature for my ball python? I set the ambient temperature between 77-81F

That is okay for the cool side ambient temperature. The hot spot should be around 90 to 94

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I wouldn’t recommend the hotspot being higher than 88-90°f. I haven’t heard anyone keeping their BPs that hot and haven’t read it anywhere either.




This is from Brian Barczyks web site.
Temperature: Hot side should be between 85-91°F and should not exceed 93°F as it can begin to kill calories in your Ball python. Cool side should be about 80°F.

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the heating lamp keep one small area in 85-86F, and the temperature in the cage is 79F, while the heating pad is 92F. My ball python behaves normal in the night(but she always try to escape in the night), while in the morning she sometimes roaming(she spend most of time sleeping but when the ambient temperature over83F she will roaming out)
how do you think my cage setting?

thank you for the suggestions! I keep the hottest place’s temperature between 85-87, even my ball python touch the heating lamp, she won’t hurt :joy:

Over the last 25 years I’ve temp gunned every species I’ve worked with and the preferred temp across the board has been 84-85. From kingsnakes to blood pythons to Green tree pythons to balls. Just my observations and your situation may be different. We’ve been running a steady 83-85 ambient for nearly 2 years. I used this same method for many many years in the past but reverted back to heat tape due to space and environment. I still prefer ambient heating over all other methods.

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I keep everything at 76 cool end and 86 warm end during the cooler months.

Keeping them above 90 is really old information and they do best in the mid to high 80’s when it comes to hot spot.

There are even people keeping them at room temps year round or part of the year with no hot spot. :wink:

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@stewart_reptiles good to know. I lowered my temps after doing a little research last night. I went to 5 or 6 different websites and got 5 or 6 different answers about temperatures. :roll_eyes:


thank you very much!!! it is really important for me, I have no trouble in temperature because of your help, but the only thing to be concerned is the humidity. It loses quickly due to the high temperature. During the day, it is ok because I can always mist the cage, but it will decrease below 40 in the night.

thank you very much!!! This is helpful for me!

You can mist the enclosure now you do need to be careful high humidity can be as detrimental as low humidity and you want to avoid a damp substrate that could lead to scale rot.

There are few ways to raise humidity

Bigger water dish
Substrate that holds humidity better such as coco type beddings, cypress mulch
Partially covering the top of your enclosure if you use a tank (now remember you still need proper air flow.

So long your daily humidity is around 40%/50% you will be fine and bump it to 60% when in shed.


Deborah is absolutely correct about humidity. It can be a bit of a balancing act. Temp and humidity fluctuation isn’t a bad thing either and I actually prefer temp and humidity swings in both up and down directions. Nature isn’t exact not consistent and I have never looked to keep my temps and humidity exact 24/7. In my opinion it’s unnatural and I rarely share my opinion on things such as I do my best to only share real experience. There are a million ways to do things and it’s best to do what works for your individual situation. Don’t overthink it.


got it!!! Thank you very much!


yes! now everything seems fine for my ball python! Thank you!


Hey! So when you heated the room you did not have heat tape? Or belly heat?

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None of my racks have any added heat source. It has been 100% ambient 84-85 for years. Natural temp swings very in extreme weather with lows down to 79 on a really cold night, and up to 87 on extremely hot summer days. I keep all of the following in the same ambient conditions with great results.
Rosy boas
King snakes
Redfoot tortoises (basking lamp)
Star tortoises (basking lamp)


Thank you much for that!