Progression of Golden Nugget 🦎

Omg :sweat_smile:
I used to call my other half that, and my mums dog is called Chewie short for chewbacca! I actually suggested the name when I first found him and saw his pictures! I showed my mum and said he looked like a baby chewbacca, next thing she’s calling the woman! He was 6 last week :grin:

Today we are looking a little red also… :thinking:
Honestly the wait for this one to grow is killing me. I need to know what colour you are! :rofl:


Golden Nugget may need a name change :sweat_smile:

Yeah…. :weary:
He/She is growing quickly, bring on next shed :joy:

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He is gorgeous! He is get bigger and more beautiful. Can’t wait to see him as an adult.


I love how you all think him so far!
I’ll have a peak tomorrow as I haven’t yet looked…

Was quite funny earlier, I put crickets in, couldn’t see Nugget just his/her sibling who was very excited! Then all of a sudden Nugget jumps out the substrate to grab one :sweat_smile:
Like a blooming shark!


I haven’t assumed, I’m thinking female.

Maybe the name Megalodon would be more fitting :shark:


Just Jaws should be his name

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