Projects Listings glitches?

I have concerns about a couple of things to do with MM Projects feature, which I am a huge fan of in concept.

My first concern may be down to something I am not doing correctly. When browsing Projects, there are some dual pairings which are in fact the same animals. This is the case for one of my pairs, and I can’t figure out how to fix it. In my account page, I have only three pairings listed (correct) but in Projects, I have four since one appears twice. (I have screen shots if you want them, didn’t want to possibly violate guidelines about advertising here.) I will be more than happy to learn how to correct this, if this is something I can do.

My second concern is that a pairing isn’t appearing properly in the MM Projects Listings. Specifically, my pairing with a male Moonstone (Anery Lavender) Masque het Amel, Diffused, Stripe 50% ph Strawberry does not appear on the page for Projects including Lavender. Initially I hadn’t included the “(Anery Lavender)” after Moonstone and thought that might be the problem, though I had expected the listings to sort by trait tag rather than title as with ads for sale. I inserted the parentheses but the pairing still doesn’t show up under Lavender. Fwiw, it does show up under the Projects Listings for Anery.

Thanks for any help!
Edit: these are all Corn Snakes.
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Oh, I see this!

But notice this diffrence …

This indicates one is a Pairing (picture would ussually be the parents breeding, like here) and the other is an Offspring Group (picture would ussually be the eggs or actual babies)… which is what “Projects” encompasses.

Basically you wanna switch the first ones image to a picture of the babies.

They are likely not showing for you as you have “Any Trait Form” (which basically means “only show visual/supers”) unchecked on your filters.


I got your store in there a few times for you :crazy_face:

Hope this helps :blush:


Ah. Okay, I’ll see if I can do something about that. I guess I generated that listing when I was playing around with the Projects. So far, all these babies are still in eggs, still yet to be laid. But hopefully they’re coming. :wink:

Moonstone is visual/homozygous Lavender, so even if “any trait form” is unchecked, this pairing should appear. It doesn’t. I checked to be sure that Galahad is tagged “Lavender,” which he is. If someone is specifically looking for babies who are at least 100% het & searched for visuals, they’ll miss this pairing. I’m still unclear why this one isn’t appearing.

Lol Thanks.


My bad, I worded that badly. Galahad is not being paired to another Moonstone or Lav/het MS… so none of the offspring will be visual.


Oh, okay. I get it now. I didn’t realize that it was organized that way. I thought that the search results/listings were determined by the parents’ trait tags. :thinking:

Thanks for clarity, Thomas.


This is a separate issue, but while I’ve got you here…heh heh heh…

It would be convenient if there was a way to sort Projects by year. Maybe there is and I’m clueless. Always possible.


You can sort them by birth date in ascending and descending format…

… but I suspect you mean to have a dropdown list with 2023, 2022, 2021… ect that you can select?


I did mean that, Thomas. It’s so handy that, in addition to your many other valuable skills, you’ve skills at reading between fuzzy lines of communication. :+1: :clap: