Prolapsed Hemipenes?

I just got a new male crested gecko Saturday, my first crested gecko so I don’t know much about them. He has little white points sticking out from each side of his hemipenal bulge. I don’t know if this is a sperm plug or a prolapsed hemipenes. I haven’t been able to get a picture yet because he’s never been in a spot where I can get a good picture and I don’t want to stress him out by taking him out of his enclosure yet since I just got him.

Have you done research on crested geckos? Those are called cloacal spurs… These spurs are completely normal. They do not indicate gender.

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I encourage you to please do some research on them…

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This is one of mine, just beneath the tail you will see the spurs.

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I’ve done research just haven’t found anything about that. I just don’t have any experience with taking care of crested geckos. Thank you for telling me this.

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When I got my crested gecko I knew how to feed him, temps and things but I never once ran across any mention of spurs. I didn’t know what my geckos spurs were either. My guy is doing great, spurs and all.

The main reason I am aware of them (the spurs) is because when I first had an interest in crested geckos, I wondered IF they determined gender, after research and study I came to learn what they are and that they do not actually determine gender at all.

I’m glad this got brought up- all of us can benefit from learning about what ‘normal’ looks like for a given species. I’d never heard of spurs in a gecko.