Propor Uromastyx Diet? Conflicting Information

Howdy yall. I recently acquired an ocellated uromastyx, and fell in love immediately. His name is Pancake and he’s my little buddy.

My issue is that im trying to build a good diet for him, but I keep seeing conflicting info across multiple guides and videos. Some people say [insert food] is great, others say its the devil. So on and so forth.

For the curious peeps, right now in his bowl he’s got arugula (which i received a lot of conflicting info about), Mazuri herbivore diet as a sprinkle, a small sprinkle of millet, and calcium supplement of course.
On standby I’ve got swiss red chard, orange bell pepper, cantaloupe, kale, and butternut squash.

Fellow uro owners, what IS the right way to go? What works for y’all?


This is from the uromastyx club Facebook they have a ton of really in depth files regarding uro care and diet.


On top of everything listed above, you could probably mix some repashy super veggie and repashy grassland grazer into it’s diet.

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