Proportional Thermostats

Hi all! I currently have two Animal Plastic T8’s equipped with Radiant heat panels using the ultra common and cheap BN-Link thermostat purchased off of Amazon. I’ve used this setup for around a year without any issues that I’m aware of. Seeing as how Christmas season is upon us and I like investing in my setups, I was considering upgrading thermostats to something proportional and digital. Like something from Reptile Basics.

Thoughts on current setup and the upgrade to something nicer?

I exclusively use Herpstats from Spyder Robotics. They’re fantastic


I like both Herpstats and Vivarium Electronics. I have 2 Herpstats and 4 VEs. Both work quite well.

Excellent! I’ll look into both of those.

So, is the debate settled regarding proportional over on/off types? I don’t experience any significant temp gradients with my current setup. But not sure if there’s another benefit I’m missing out on. Reliability, longevity, ease of use etc…

With Radiant Heat Panels it isn’t as big a deal which type you use. I do prefer proportional though myself when using RHP, it is just a preference though.

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I run a T8 and a T10 off one VE-300x2. I like it like this so I don’t have so many to stack because I stack enclosures.

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Yeah, I dig the two thermostats in one setup. The two T8’s I have stacked would benefit from this. If only they were in stock!

I used to run my T10 on duel zones and heated using one VE-300x2. But later changed to the one heating zone due to stacking.

Yeah, one zone inside my T8’s is sufficient. I’ll use the one thermostat for two enclosures.