Proposed Changes to Sand Boa Category [DONE] [1556]

Hi all,
On the sand boa category there is only Kenyans ( eryx colubrinus loveridgei ) on there. Before there was the brake down of genetics with Kenyans there was access to list different species.

Would it be possibility on there to have a brake down of the sand boa menu in to different species?

It is only really just the Kenyans with MOST the genetic morphs in, i know there is other genetics in other species but right now there is no were to list other species at all.

I am not thinking adding all the sand boas to this list just some of the more common .

Eryx jaculus
Eryx milaris
Eryx conicus
Eryx johnii
Eryx tataricus
Eryx Jayakari
Eryx muelleri

I know there are others but think these are the most common with in Europe and USA.
Any thoughts on this ?

Matty BloodpythonsUK


I definitely agree!


I like it, it should be relatively simple because the feature’s used for other species.

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Yes we will definitely do this. Thanks for your feedback. We’ll put it on our list of revisions for the “12 new categories.”

At the moment we got backed up working on Morphpedia which launches next week and working on the app. Thanks for the patience though. :slight_smile:


Thank you all.

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