Proud Snake Mom Moment

Some time this weekend my KSB shed for the first time since he’s been with me. It was a full shed without any issues. And he ate a f/t pinky for the first time. He is the first and only reptile I have ever had so I am super stoked right now!!!


Cool, do you have any pictures of your snake?

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His name is Sembene and he’ll be three months old in two days.


Very nice pattern!

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Don’t think I’ve ever seen a KSB off the ground like that before LOL. Congrats on a good first shed and meal time :slight_smile:


Thank you! He’s surprisingly active between late afternoon and early morning hours.


He’s so cute!!! Is he an albino? It looks like he is small- how big does a KSB get? Do they get extremely stressed with handling, or are they more tolerant? I don’t know much about them, they are cool though!

As an aside, cute stories and photos like these are not helping me resist the urge to get my first snake! Heehee! :upside_down_face:



1 Males stay fairly small, usually a 5 gallon to 10 gallon tank/tub holds them well for their entire life. Females larger and could need up to a 20 gallon tank/tub depending. Think how hognose have gender size difference.

  1. Just like any animal, each individual will have different tolerance levels when it comes to handling. But generally they are pretty chill with semi regular handling (just no handling from heights I always sit on the floor with mine)

Thank you. Yes he’s albino. He’s still really small since he’s a baby. I handle him often enough to get used to me and he’s fine. It took years for me to finally be able to get one. My husband wasn’t on board with the idea of having a snake in the house. But I just used that time to research as much as possible. Now here we are!!