Proving an ultra

Okay, I have a normal corn from a crossing of ultramel motley and lavender motley. A crossing with an Opal should prove out either the ultra or the amel. This should still produce lavender and possibly more opal or ultra lavenders depending on what proves out correct? Is there a better option than an opal for a potential mate to get interesting offspring?


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Your plan is sound. I can’t think of a pairing more interesting that still proves the ultra or amel hets while taking advantage of the known lavender het. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community! If you haven’t played with the genetic calculators on here, they’re a fun way to explore possibilities. You can find the corn snake calculator here: Gene Calculator - MorphMarket

As far as the plan you have for proving ultra/amel, it’s solid and makes sense. If you want, you could choose an Opal Motley or Stripe (or an animal het for one of those). The babies would then have that trait as well. It wouldn’t affect what you are hoping to find out, but it would be another option. Depending upon what your longer term goals are, that may or may not be something you’d want to pursue.

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