Psalmopoeus irminia, Venezuelan Suntiger, Breeding/Eggsac and Incubation

So, here we go again, this time breeding P. irminia, the Venezuelan Suntiger tarantula. This species is sexually dimorphic, which you see very clearly in the photos and videos to follow. Stay tuned and shortly here, I’ll be posting the eggsac pull, and incubation.


She’s quite a bit larger than him, as you can see, and although he’s big enough to get away if he needs to, he’s still really cautious about his approach. This is their second encounter, after I bailed him out of the first, she started chasing him around the enclosure. But he survived that one, and he also survived this one. I don’t expect him to live a very long time, as mature male tarantulas don’t, but I’m glad he stayed off the menu.


Glad the guy made it out! Looking forward to the rest of the posts!

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Alright, disclaimer: I had originally intended on using Sade, but due to a selection issue, I had to use an alternative, so the video came out a lot more NatGeo than I was aiming for but, anyway, enjoy!



:grin: I can wait!

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