Psytalla horrida

I’ve been looking for psytalla horrida for the last couple months now and emailed every site that lists then for sale with no response. Can anybody recommend a shop or individual that currently have some. Thanks.

We can’t recommend breeders on here but I can give you this link to the Morphmarket store page where you can keep an eye out in case someone lists one.

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I think these might be the assassin bugs I see in my house sometimes.

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They’re not native to North America so you might be thinking of the box elder bug (Boisea trivittata)

All I know is the ones I’ve seen are def an assassin bug for sure and their coloration is very much like what I saw when I googled these Psytalla things. Black with those orange red kinda markings. Maybe its not the Psytalla one but like a N. American cousin of some kind. If I see another I’ll try to grab a pic.

I’m from northern Ohio and there are a ton of the box elder bugs around. Most assassin bugs (aka kissing bugs) are from warm tropical areas. And since the box elders are also black with orange/red markings that’s likely what you’re seeing.