Pumpkin the ‘special’ Crestie

This is Pumpkin. If you know of Olivia at Crestie Universe you’ll know Pumpkin! I now have her as a ‘pet only’ girl. She’s got a bump so can’t be bred, Liv didn’t know if she’d be able to pass eggs, so I jumped at her when I saw her up for sale. She’ll be going into my Daughters room as her own personal Crestie.
She is laying infertile eggs and can pass them fine so I don’t have to worry about that thankfully! But regardless of that she’s still pet only. She’s a cutie either way and a little small! :heart_eyes: Shes a funny lumpy raptor!


She is beautiful

She’s a Red Extreme Tri, hardly ever fires up though so you wouldn’t really know, she was so scatty when I got her and scared bless her. But she’s so lovely now and Emily always goes in the viv and gets her out to tell her how cute she is!
Not told her she’s having her in her room yet! She wanted a Basilisk but thought Pumpkin was a lot better! :sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’d prefer pumpkin :grin:

I was so tempted to buy her when she was for sale, but then I found Strawberry.

Yeah I would too, but my girls a weird one :joy:

No way! Strawberry can breed though can’t she so you’re better off!
Pumpkin is passing eggs fine but I wouldn’t put her through that, and I know people out there would see the morph she was and would breed and not care so I jumped at her before that could happen! She’s a sweetie, just a little lumpy bumpy. And her right eye looks a little evil because of how her crests sit :sweat_smile:

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I was meant to be looking for a female to breed, but pumpkin was so cute…I never would of bred her and I had originally seen Strawberry a fair few months prior but she had already sold, luckily for me the person couldn’t look after her anymore and I snatched her up. But I couldn’t afford both Strawberry and Pumpkin.

Hopefully Strawberry can breed, I haven’t tried as she is still sitting at 35 grams in weight :flushed:

I am struggling to get her to eat much and she doesn’t seem to like bugs.

I can’t see a lump on her, where abouts is it?

It doesn’t seem to affect her which is good thing