Purchase w/o inspection?

I recently put a deposit on a super mojave ball python from a reptile store I’m interested in purchasing. I’m starting to second guess this decision. Mainly, because even though I put a deposit on this ball python the store refuses to let me hold it prior to purchasing it. I’m a little put off buy this because its kind of hard to inspect an animal when someone else is just showing it to you. She didn’t look to be in poor condition but I also got to look at her for only a couple minutes before the person helping me put her back in her cage. I can understand that they may be worried about possible bacteria on hands but I literally put a deposit that is 1/3 the price of the snake. I’m a little worried that, that was a mistake. Should I be weary?

Personally if I am gonna purchase an animal in person (show for example, I don’t buy from pet stores) and I will demand to hold the animal, this is part of in person transaction.

The fact that you put a deposit and they still won’t let you hold/inspect the animal seems very strange to me, I guess you should have ask to hold it before putting a deposit down.

While the snake might be healthy the sex may be wrong who knows just strange.


Its fully I didn’t honestly find it strange until after I put the money down. They have been around for 20 years on the area and I don’t see any negative reviews on them. Its weird because everywhere else has let me hold them. I can’t imagine that no one else found this strange in the past but it seems like its a common business practice for them. When I asked about it they said they were worried that I would drop it.

I would insist. I’m in sales so I’m very comfortable being assertive in negotiations. I know that’s not natural for all people but it’s your money. You should be able to carefully inspect a potential purchase.


You’re most definitely right. I’m supposed to pick her up tomorrow and pay the remaining balance. I’ll insist on inspecting her before I will pay anymore. I’m okay with losing the deposit if I have to.

Make sure that your inspection includes sexing the animal as well.

I definitely will, I have been pretty adamant about purchasing a female so I have the possibility of breeding if I decide. I’d be pretty disappointment to learn otherwise since its a baby ball python.

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