Purchased Incubators

To anyone that has purchased an off-the-shelf incubator; what kind and what do you like or hate about it? I am pairing up a group of snakes next month and I am looking to either buy or build an incubator. I’d rather just buy one because my work schedule keeps me pretty busy and I don’t have much time to build one.

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I don’t have first hand experience with these but the best ones are nature’s spirit and hot box. Most of the mass produced ones are infamous for having inaccurate temperatures and being prone to failing, among other things. Building one is very simple and can be made out of a styrofoam cooler or wine cooler/mini fridge, heat tape, and a thermostat. They are much cheaper, reliable, and are usually quick to make.

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I need a backup later this year as my mini fridge will only hold 2 egg boxes and will have 3, maybe 4 clutches at some point so unless they crossover with perfect timing, I need a backup option.

My frozen rodents come in the perfect sized Styrofoam box, bit of heat cable and a stat, jobs a good un!

Costing me nothing as have all the elements to make it lying around anyway and will take 10 mins to put together.

We bought a big polystyrene box & kitted it with heat mats, electrical tape thermostat etc and made a window, was super easy to make and held 2 clutches (with room for more) very well.

It didn’t take long to do either.

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