Pure Darwin Albinos

I remember when I saw the first Albino Carpet in the US I was blown away, back than I could not justify the price tag but fast forward November 2017 I picked up a beautiful pair of Pure Darwin Albinos, here they are today.


Ka D’argo


They are super nice!!


Not much of a fan of carpets but those are spectacular.


Wow Deb, they are beautiful… Why have we not seen more from them?
What size do these guys need to be to start breeding?

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Those look out of this world! I’ve always liked carpets but have yet to own one myself but the ones you have might just make me pull the trigger on getting one!


Thanks, with Carpets it’s more of an age thing than a weight thing, of course granted the animal feeds well and have good body proportions, the females I have bred in the past I first bred them at 3 and 4 years on average, and I am looking at the same thing for those, they both will turn 3 this summer so I am looking at breeding them this fall. It’s all about growing them nice and slow and taking my time.

The reason I don’t post many pictures of them, well out of the 4 species of snakes I own they are the least cooperative ones, they like to move and are very inquisitive and will not stay still…not everyone will just lay there like a ball python :joy:


They are an amazing species I have owned carpets on and off for 12 years, I am just glad I got back into them with something pure this time around and that was really a dream snake for me.

You would love them.