Purposefully lying about gender to assure a sale

So basically I bought a lemonblast ball python which not only did the pet shop owner change the price once i decided to purchase it he also knowingly lied about the gender once I stated that I was looking for a female.
I popped him and probed him. It’s a Male, now I lost money and have a snake I have no use for.
What do I do?

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I am sorry to hear that.

You could try returning it but I am guessing most pet stores are going to have a “no refunds” policy. You might just have to chalk it up to a lesson learned and be more cautious in the future with who you buy from


I’m not sure what would apply or of it’s worth pursuing, but if I paid for “a” and received “b” from a store, they would be held liable. At the very least I’d drag their name through the mud. Did you pay credit? Could cancel the transaction and possibly deal with it that way.


I confronted the store owner who sold him to me and after a few minutes he simply closed off and said “I dont remember/no refunds/you know more about snakes than me” interesting part is i hung out with a friend of mine who also frequented the shop an he stated that the storeowner also tried passing it off as female to him. I’ve been letting people know how greedy and shady he is and apparently I’m not the only one hes done this too other than the people I’ve brought. I’m also going to engage in a little bit of personal but very legal prorevenge.

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you should leave reviews on Google maps & yelp, too. itll help prevent others from being scammed and maybe even encourage some people to speak out


You may be able to take them to small claims court. It’s a lot easier than people think and oftentimes just the prospect of going to court is enough to get someone to shape up. You may consider sending a written letter via certified mail telling them that you will take them to court if they don’t refund your money or a portion of the money.

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