Putting together a bad back friendly rack

I’m 6’ 5" and have a bad back… Cleaning rodent tubs at knee level and below is terrible, so decided to build one and put it on a wooden cart.

Just have to reorder a quick disconnect since I misplaced the one I had…


I can relate (not with your height ya giant!) I am on my knees cleaning the bottom row of my old homemade snake rack. It’s on wheels but still only 2” from the ground. It hurts. It must have been easier when I was a little younger, just saying!:grin:


Im 6’3" and 380. And I have several enclosures on the bottom shelf. Guess I need to build a reptile house next to my current house to get those off the bottom.

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Something like this looks like it could possibly be wheelchair friendly-ish

I actually use a wheeled chair for reptile care. Half of the animals are at standing height and the other half are at seated height. I made sure to set them up so if I end up wheelchair bound I can manage.


The biggest drawback to wheelchair and it can only really be realized by an able bodied person if they sit. You can’t reach too high but also anything below seat level is also very difficult to access.

I wish i was more creative to design accessible racks. When i first moved in here it was hard to convince the manager that i need certain accessible features such as having stove buttons at the front, the mgr was like "i can reach the back knobs just fine":woman_facepalming:i told him now sit down in a chair and try to reach the knobs over the pots without getting burned, he was like oh…

I think it would be neat if people with disabilities ( not saying there aren’t) in the hobby and have access just as easily as an able bodied is able.

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