Puzzle ball pythons!

We’re really excited to finally have this Puzzle clutch all shed out!! They are amazing. Here’s the link to the live cutting video. The update video is coming as there’s a couple from the clutch that still have to shed.


Congratulations! Look at these sweet faces! :heart_eyes:
Unfortunately I missed on visuals this year but there is always next year! :+1:t2:


Thanks!!! Sorry to hear you missed. We absolutely love this gene. Can wait to start all the double het projects. :grin:

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I really like those head stripes!

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I love the puzzle/confusion/static/acidGene in combos confusion/leopard clown combos are unreal ,I dunno if they same or just similar gene but I love what they do to the pattern

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Dude I love your website…the background music kept me looking and its a nice touch

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They look like they have a little mustache :heart_eyes:

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Puzzle is definitely a different gene. The others all have proven incomplete dom. Puzzle is recessive. But I completely agree that the genes in combo are amazing.

Yeah. It was kinda funny when we first saw them.

Thanks for the feedback! We had thought about taking it down. The music that is

I just picked up a male het puzzle het gstripe for a hundo…not sure where they are priced at normally. He is a gorgeous snake though! Guess I’m in the puzzle project now​:rofl::woman_shrugging:t3: