PVC 6qt Rack Build

Had to make a little more room for the babies, so I took some pictures along the way. Not sure how much detail people might be interested in here, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. I build this rack with dado cuts for strength and to make alignment of everything easy. First thing I did was make a table saw sled that let me easily do the 4 repeatable dado cuts to save time. I can post pics of that if anyone is interested. After that, I cut 4x 4x8 sheets of PVC down.

Cut the dados in the sides

Cut the dados in the shelves for dividers

Starting assembly

I threw some pvc glue on the first few top and bottom dividers and clamped them together, basically making it a torsion box and hopefully hold everything square and all that.

Fully assembled, added a back panel, which could have heat tape taped to it, added support for casters, added casters. added tubs.


@owalreptiles nice rack!


What was the cost of materials? Where did you get the PVC?

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4 sheets of pvc was just under 300 from Home Depot, casters were 20 bucks from harbor freight, tubs were 70 bucks from Target. So just under 400 total.


what are you heating with are you using back heat , belly heat or just ambient room temperatures?

ambient room only, but you could easily tape on heat tape to make it back heated.


called the closest home depot to me. They don’t carry the pvc 4 x 8 sheets anymore and can’t order it. so I am going to do the home depot plastic storage shelf build instead. There is a video on youtube on how to do it. and I may post pics and a how to on this site. You have an awsome hatchling rack though.

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