PVC enclosures

Hello everyone,

I have been having trouble figuring out where to purchase PVC boards to build my own racks and enclosures. If anyone who builds there own is willing to let me know that would be amazing!!

You can find meh quality board at Home Depot, but I do not recommend it for racks. It is softer than the material you will get from a plastic distributor and will sag. It works fine for enclosures, despite some people saying otherwise. (I’ve built a handful myself with it, and have a friend with half a dozen 8’ retic enclosures built from it).

For good quality material your best bet will be to look for a plastic distributor in your area, sometimes sign companies will order it for you as well.

When building with PVC I like to use both screws as well as solvent welding. (Sci Grip/Weldon) has many solvents that will chemically weld the material together giving you a water tight seam.

Best of luck with your pursuit, I hope you find a supplier locally to you.