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I herped anphibians years ago. I recently have desided to research for my first of many purchases of BP Balls. I know I definately want choice quality stock. How does a noob to Ball Pythons find such breeders. Please, I understand that just because a store sells a lot doesn’t mean they have great bloodlines or choice stock. How do I desern quality breeders. Trust me I know I still have a lot to lean. But this question buggs me the most.


While we can’t refer breeders specifically, I can tell you some of what I look for/questions I ask.

  1. Reviews: Look through their MorphMarket page and any other social media page they may have and read through the reviews. Are they all positive? If there are any negative, what was the problem and how was it handled?

  2. Social media presence: Check out their facebook, instagram and any other social media page they have. Some times you will see things like a breeder showing off a new snake they just bought next to a snake they’ve already had in a post like “can’t wait to pair this couple next year”(shows me they aren’t taking quarantine seriously) or a clutch that they’re excited about and then never show the results (did they die, have defects?)

  3. The appearence of the snakes they have and have sold in the past: Do the animals look healthy and an appropriately weight/size for their age? Are they an excellent example of the morph they represent? How do their snakes maintain their colors/patterns as they age? Are they just breeding anything they can get their hands on, or are they breeding towards specific projects/goals?

  4. Answering questions/personability: I ask a number of questions including pairing and pictures of the parents, how many meals the snake has taken (if it’s a hatchling), any health problems in the past, and usually a handful of others that I can’t think of off the top of my head. Refusal or inability to answer any question is a red flag to me, and I move on.

Edit: A few other things I just thought of.

Do steps 1-3 before even messaging the breeder, because if it’s ultimately not a snake you’re going to be interested in, you don’t want to waste their time.

Also be picky, if these are animals you’re going to base your breeding projects from, you want them to be exacty what you want. Don’t just buy a snake because it’s cheap and available, if the exact combo or “look” you want isn’t for sale, it’s worth waiting. As a personal example I refuse to buy anything with pastel in it because I hate it and don’t want it in any of my projects, and will only buy clowns that look like they’re wearing winged eye liner because I love that specific marking so much.


I will use this when similar questions come up. I love it.


Thanks, it’s by no means a comprehensive guide, but it’s a good place to start


I would definitely change that to a great resource. How to buy is definitely a wonderful thing to make sure you are educated on when looking into this hobby and breeding.


I agree with most of what Hilary says above, but this part here I feel is the most important. At the end of the day is it a matter of ‘Quality In = Quality Out’

I will throw one small caveat onto Hilary’s second point. There are some breeders out there that do not have a huge social media presence but produce fantastic stock. Their reviews might help you in that regard, unless they are “boutique” breeders that tend to produce few animals that are generally bought up by people who already know about them. In cases like this, sometimes word of mouth within a community can be a big help.

I (mostly) felt/feel the same way Hilary, but I have a couple animals with Pastel in them that might make you change your mind LOL


Not to derail the conversation, but now I want to see this potentially mind-changing pastels!!

As an exception I actually like what pastel does in axanthic combos because it seems to enhance the axanthic effects, but it’s just so ugly in clown combos that it’s not worth it. I might try desert ghost instead


I do not know that it derails because it sort of speaks to the QIQO mentality. I do no thave the pics on my computer here at work but I will mail them to myself this evening and post them tomorrow.


Okay, so I will start with the “worst” looking of the mind-changing Pastel combos - WhiskeyTango

Then I will follow up with Wyvern

And I will close out with Rhinemaiden

These are all adult animal as well, not smoke-and-mirrors babies that pull you in and then change on you and leave you disappointed


What do you have going on here? That’s super bright for an adult!


These are all amazing!


She is a Freeway Enchi Pastel Pinstripe


oooh, I like Wyvern (both the name and the snake)


Sad Lonely GIF by Pokémon

Poor pastel just doesn’t get any love anymore, just sad. Gotta say though pastel is a must in certain combos, like desert ghost, imo.


I love pastel/butter.
I have a pastel lesser that has a lovely greenish tinge and a butter lesser that looks like butter and it did wonders to my mojave :smiley: (they are all adults)

Pastel lesser female.

Pastel butter female (looks a bit super to me but idk, it was a rescue)

Mojave Pastel 100% Het Pied
Mojave pastel het pied Male.

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Thanks everyone. All input including the Jack especially. LOL Those are some sweet looking snakes you have my friend

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