Quarantine necessary?

i am getting my new boy next week but i had a few concerns regarding quarantine…
i have a bearded dragon and a day gecko in my room and the snake is going to go in there as well. i don’t have a place other than in there to set him up. would it be okay for him to go in the same room right away and take precautions? is there anything airborne that can be passed to my lizards?


You should always quarantine, no matter what. At least for me, I quarantine for a bare minimum of three months, if not 6 months. The animal in quarantine gets all of its own equipment, fed on a different day, and cleaned on a different day. My clothes that I use with that animal go immediately into the hamper and are washed. I’ve had friends lose entire collections because of disease, not something to play around with.


I am just not sure what disease could be passed between snakes and lizards besides maybe mites or some bacteria that can be passed through contact with feces. I don’t have any snakes at this time and this will be my first one


It is highly recommended to quarantine If your BP is a baby you should not need a huge set up Small tubs work great for baby bps.

Or you could have your new baby checked out by reptile vet. However unless bloodwork was done I’m not if sure certain diseases could be ascertained by a visual examination……


hi i looked more into it, watched videos etc and i will be setting him up in a bin. i was concerned about heating but i will get a small heat mat used my spare thermostat and i will be able to put him on a shelf in the other room (have to cat proof the area though lol). bare minimum of 30 days quarantine correct?


30 days would be the barest of the bare but there are I am sure varying opinions on this subject……:thinking:. I would put your new baby on paper towels for the duration of the quarantine though. It’s a great way to detect mites, abnormal pooping and peeing……. Etc


Not to pile on but that’s the right call man. It’s well worth the hassle


Most people recommend 90 days (3-ish months) as the minimum. Lots of people quarantine for more like 6-12 months, though for a reptile from a reputable breeder, I’d do 90 days minimum. If an animal comes from a more questionable source, I’d do longer.


Lets talk about quarantine!


This is great! Thanks Thomas! I think we all could use some quarantine etiquette review!!! Also thanks @chesterhf! for posting this information!!! :+1::pray::blush::100:

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