Question about auctions on morphmarket

I guess tbh this is a question about purchases in general on MorphMarket but I’m specifically looking at an auction.

I’m curious if I bid, say 1k, am I going to pay 1k plus whatever shipping costs? Or are there taxes and fees added?

Just want to make sure I don’t over bid what I can afford if there’s an extra 10% added.

I’m in California BTW if state makes a difference.


Welcome to the forums! Good question,

You’d need to read the policy of whatever store your purchasing from.

Some it seem will charge sales tax, if you’re in the state that they’re selling in. Some require you to pay a fee to cover the PayPal cut that gets taken if you choose to do goods and services over friends and family.

Ultimately morphmarket isn’t going to be charging any fees and taxes, you just need to be sure you fully understand the sellers terms.

Same for shipping as well, some sellers include shipping, some charge actual shipping costs, and some charge a flat rate to everyone.


I try not to check out any auctions myself because I am at my limit. :joy: However I did notice one seller mention sales tax. And to add to @nswilkerson’s reply, there should not be any “hidden” fees, other than shipping, sales tax if applicable and Pay Friends and Family surcharges…… Everything should be in the seller’s terms and conditions………