Question About cinnamon ghi x banana het pied

Hi guys is anyone try to breed cinnamon ghi cross with banana het pied? And what is the results for the new hatch babies?? If someone here have breed before this two morph together possible can share pictures with me for those babies new hatch??? Thanks in advance


If you check out Ball Python Genetic Morph Calculator - MorphMarket and input the genes you’re working with, it will show you the possible results as well as link to search results for those specific genetic combos currently for sale. By using the search sidebar you can change those results to “any” to show animals currently for sale as well as those previously sold.

Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


@noodlehaus are you really just AI that has downloaded the MM handbook? I’m loving your knowledge, and sharing of that knowledge with newcomers, of the site Jess :mechanical_arm::robot:

Here is that pairing on the calculator Jess mentioned- Ball Python Genetics: GHI Cinnamon x Banana Het Piebald - MorphMarket

Here is what they will look like - Ghi Cinnamon Banana Ball Pythons for Sale - MorphMarket Worldwide


Hah, I wish. Just a former newcomer myself trying to be helpful. :nerd_face:


@noodlehaus and @eaglereptiles This is a perfect example of why I love this forum!!! People are so willing to help each other!!! :heart::blush:


Thanks for those kindness reply over here. I was thinking dose anyone here did this combo! And if yes possible to shared the actual real babies… haha…

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