Question About Free Seller Plan

I’m a little confused about what the free seller plan offers. It seems like you’re not really recognized as a store, because from how I’m interpreting it, you don’t show up on the seller directory. It also seems like your ads don’t show up publicly when you post them. I am very confused about what I’m able to do as a free seller. Can I or can I not sell my crested gecko as a free seller? @john @eaglereptiles please clarify what the features are of free sellers

I don’t have a membership atm. And I’m selling my Cresties fine. So yes you can sell still with not having one.


Think of MorphMarket as more than just a market, its an ever evolving software that is based around a market. The Free plan is not meant to be one that you can make a business from using, but rather a small hobbyist or someone just trying the site out.

On the Free plan, you have access to list your animals on the largest reptile marketplace in the world.

You can manage up to 50 animals and Offspring Groups in your collection using the Animal Manager. (This type of system is one that only a handful of big breeders had the capability and expendable money to create privately for their own websites. We improved it 100 fold and made it free to the world. Plus husbandry tasks are soon to come)

One thing i think confuses people about the Free Membership is how many ads they can have at one time. While there is a limit on the amount of animals you can have in your Collection overall, depending on you Membership Plan, these limits may be higher that you think.

On the Free plan you can have up to 50 animals in your collection .

The only restriction is the amount you can have listed For Sale at one time . No members have limits on how many sales they can have per month. All members have unlimited listing changes per month .

This means once an item sells, you can mark it Sold and mark another For Sale. Store size affects the speed more than the quantity of sales.

You are recognised as a Store, however Free stores do have to advertise themselves through word of mouth, FB/IG…

Your store won’t show up in the Directory until you have ads placed. And if any of those ads are for mature categories, then you’ll need at least a Basic Membership level for your store to be in the Directory.

If people know you enough to be searching you by name then you likely need to upgrade, just as you would pay to be added to the Yellow Pages.

Your ads will show up just like any other. Your plan does not change the order they will appear in searches.Please check that you are using Ad IDs

Of course you can!! :blush: