Question about IDing clutches with double hets

When it comes to hets and double hets. How is it that the hatchlings that are hatched out are not all double hets? Can they still be a single het or will it always be double hets?

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If you breed double hets, it means they each have 1 of the recessive genes. So when you mix them together this means you jave both the chance of producing visuals, since the 2 recessives can be passed on to the baby, or you could also produce normals, as the normal gene could be passed on. Double hets are kind of like russian roulette when non visuals hatch, because you just cant know if they got 2 normals or 1 normal 1 recessive genes. Some hets can be visual, but thats usually more of an incomplete dom thing.

Im not perfectly familiar with ball python morphs, so i couldnt tell you what morphs this would apply to, but the science behind genes is pretty universal.

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All babies are het or dbl het if the parent is a visual recessive. If neither parent is visual the odds decrease and there is a possibility they don’t carry a recessive gene.


When you breed a het, there is only a 50% chance that the mutant gene will pass along to the offspring. For a double het, it is a 50% chance for each individual gene.

Drawing a Punnett square out can help you visualize it if you cannot readily picture it in your head


What I’m saying is I have a Mojave 100% Het Ghost going to a Pinstripe 100% Het Clown. If a Normal comes out will that normal no matter what be 100% double Het Clown Ghost?

No, each animal, regardless if it’s a normal or a visual Pin/Mojave/Mojave Pin will be 50% het, Ghost 50% het Clown, or 25% double het, if you will.

The percentage is just the chance that any given animal will have that given gene.

Edit: to add, the only way to make 100% double hets is to breed visual Clown to visual Ghost, or double visual to normal/het


That is a different question altogether.

Here is the Punnett for that.

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I love the Punnett square add-ons. I feel they truly help…at least for me :grin:

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Here are your odds :), the website actually has a calculator that you can use for this sort of thing, ive found it to be very helpful!


I use the genetic wizard one. Maybe I’ll use this one more often. Thanks for your answers it definitely helped!

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