Question about leaving buyer feedbacks

Hi! I recently had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a rather unhinged individual that ended with the death of my animal sold to her. I’d like to leave a warning for others in the buyer’s rating, but this person has not left one for me yet. Is there a way to do this so I won’t be subjected to retaliatory review/ratings? What is the proper SOP for this type of situation? Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for reaching out. We take these things very seriously.
If you have exhausted all possible attempts to work things out with the other party, you can reach out to [email protected] and file a dispute.

If you would just like to leave a rating, go to the messages page and click reply on the thread where you inquired, and click the button “Rate This”. Make sure that stated concerns are factual, respectful, and are consistent with the sellers terms of service which you agreed to at the initial inquiry.

The amount of space you have to leave feedback is intentionally short. If you wish to leave a more detailed review, which can include photos, we recommend visiting the Herpetoculture Feedback and Inquiry Facebook Group. This process involves the community who will ask questions to help fully draw out what happened from both sides. You can then add a link to your MorphMarket rating to the FB group review so readers can get more details.