Question about my leopard gecko!

Hey yall; I have a question about my young leo, Echo. A few days ago I noticed a small blue area in her abdomen, and as days went on, it grew…I’ve never seen it before in any of my geckos, and I can’t find any answers on the web… does anybody know what’s going on?

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That’s the liver.
It looks like her belly is a bit swollen and I thiiiiiink it looks like possible follicle growth… So it may be making a bit of pressure in her tummy to make her liver more noticeable. One of those things that females do in this time of year. So she should be fine.

Just in case though, I should ask what she’s been eating and what kind of setup does she have with her enclosure. For example is there any substrate?

She looks like a little sweetie though!

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Thank you so much for your quick response!

I am very careful about substrates, so most of the time I keep my geckos on paper towels, and they used to be kept on some nice plastic mats… I’ve never used a loose substrate because of my fear of impaction.

Echo is nearing sexual maturity, so I thought it might be because she’s growing, and thoughts of possible ovulation (though I don’t see any signs of it) came up in my thinking.

Thank you!

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Awesome. Good to know the risk of impaction is not a factor. The two spots on the lower belly is what I was looking at. The photo isn’t perfect for seeing it, but definitely looks like some ovulation on either side. If she keeps building a bulge there she may actually drop a pair of infertile eggs.

She might get really fussy on eating for a couple days before that as well. You can try leaving a separate little box with some moss in it to make a comfy spot in case she does as well. Although I’ve seen more than one first time girl lay in her water dish or poop zone instead. XD


Okay! Thank you! I’ve been awaiting and preparing for ovulation, so I’m hoping that what it is!:crossed_fingers:t2:

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