Question about reptile classification

what does it mean when you see a number like 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, stuff like that before a reptile on MorphMarket and other reptile websites? here’s an example
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 10.04.07 PM

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It is how we label sexes commonly.

1.0 = one male
0.1 = one female
0.0.1 = one unsexed

For your list;

Proven breeder
Female (0.1) Champagne Mojave

Male (1.0) Phantom Mojave Pastel Enchi
Male (1.0) Mojave Clown

Female (0.1) Phantom Enchi YB 100% het Clown
Female (0.1) Butter Enchi Disco Cinnamon Hypo

Female (0.1) Mojave YB/Spark
Male (1.0) Champagne Mojave YB/Spark
Male (1.0) YB/Spark

All in all, it is a type of shorthand that is commonly used among reptile enthusiasts.
I hope that clears up any confusion :heart:


1.0 means single male
0.1 means single female
3.4 would mean 3 males, 4 females

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I never knew this! Great question

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It is pretty handy when writing out long lists of animals.

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Such as in the “My Animals” section I’ve just created for our profiles on here :blush: fill it out in Preferences → Profile .


I just put F or M on my spreadsheet, I might change it :grin:


Thanks @eaglereptiles that is a really cool feature!!

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