Question about reptile laws

Are there any examples of an unfair reptile law not just being stopped, but overturned/changed to be fairer? Asking because super dwarf retics and dwarf burms are on my top list of dream reptiles, but all burms and retics are illegal in my state.

In my city in Canada anything venomous/poisonous including mildly venomous like hognose, false water cobras and inverts like T’s is forbidden. I do wish to try to overturn that as the false water cobra is a dream snake. To my knowledge dart frogs are forbidden even though they are non-toxic in captivity.

They dont care if its non-threatening to humans or not. I hope to change that but am unsure of the best way to go about it/start the attempt process.

USAKR was able to reverse the first Lacy Act decision a decade or so ago. Unfortunately it came back with fangs a couple months back.

Once laws are made it is very difficult to get them overturned. You could try talking with your local city/county/state reps about changing things but you would want to have a serious amount of intelligent and relevant data in hand when you did that and not just walk in with the argument of ‘the law is stupid and I want it changed’