Question about snake genetics

I was messing around with MorphMarket s hognose morph calculator earlier and got a bit confused. I have a decent understanding of how the genetics work and what gets passed down. But I was confused by what happens with hets and possible hets. The calculator didn’t seem to have an option for possible hets. I’m trying to understand what happens when you pair a 50% or 66% het animal to the full gene animal. e.g: Albino + 50/66% het albino. Do the hatching odds change because its only 50/66 instead of 100%?

So let’s say we’re talking about a 66% het, that means that the particular animal in question has a 66% chance of being het for the gene of interest. Being a het is binary, either the animal is a het or it isn’t, the percentage just refers to the likelihood that the snake will be a het.

So if you cross an Albino to a 50% or a 66% het, the offspring will either be half albino, half 100% hets if the parent proves out to be a het, or all the offspring will be normal 100% hets if the parent proves not to be a het? Does that make sense? If not I can draw it out


Thank you!

That explanation was extremely helpful. I didn’t realize that they could be either het or not. I thought that the possible het percentages were directly related to what could be produced.

No problem! That number basically comes from the pairing, the best way to visualize it is always with old school Punnett squares!

Genetic calculators are great for seeing percentages of offspring and complicated crosses, but can be confusing until you figure out the basic genetics of recessive traits

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