Question about temperature ranges

Hello all,

I kept boas and Burms when I was young but got out of the hobby when I had children, but my wife and I recently got back into the hobby with ball pythons. We have 2 males and two females that we are keeping in a pair of split Animal Plastics T8’s. They have florescent lights which keep the daytime ambient temps in the mid 80’s (we live in FL so it’s never below 75 in the house) and 12"wide strips of heat tape running through a herpatat 2 from front to back down the center of the enclosures for belly heat.

The question is about this tape: (I know I should’ve done LEDs and an RHP, but I’ll change them over someday) So they have two hides per snake, one on the heat tape side, one on the non heat tape side, and all the snakes are using both, I’m just wondering if I have the belly temps right.

The warm side temps on the actual plastic of the enclosures is running about 92, but with the Coco chip on it it’s rarely higher than 86-88. Does this sound acceptable? Should I change anything?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Yeah that is perfectly fine temp range. Most people keep hot side around 88-90. But if they are eating and moving from hot to cool side it is perfectly fine.

It’s fine I have kept Ball Pythons at 86/88 for years.