Question for all, looking for inexpensive dimming thermostats

I’m looking to incorporate more light fixtures (some just light, some with heat projectors) so I’m hoping to find some inexpensive dimming thermostats. Of course if I have no luck I’ll go with rheostats where appropriate, and just stick with herpstats where they are needed. Of course saving money is always nice, so hoping some of you have found a decent dimming model available. (I’m probably going to be looking at getting half a dozen, which adds up).


I have never used them and know nothing about their performance or anything like that so this is in no way an endorsement but I have heard of some people using a brand called InkBird, might want to check those

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I have several inkbirds set up on colubrid displays. They have worked well for the last year or so but last week I caught one of them running away (115*on THG heat tape) so I’m going to start phasing them out. That is the only issue I’ve had and if you set up a second one as a safety it should be easily avoided. The ones I’m referring to are $16 on amazon and require you to wire them manually.

Thanks, I’ve actually wired up and used inkbirds for years, they are alright on/off thermostats, just don’t have dimming.

This is one I actually designed and 3D printed a custom case for. I usually use them on quarantine racks.