Question for Torontonians - PVC Racks

Hey folks,

New member here. Been keeping and breeding various snakes for over the last 15 years. Used to contribute regularly to (IYKYK)

I usually opt for melamine in my enclosures but wanted to ask where DIY-ers are buying their PVC board in or around Toronto.

The ones online are all sign shop wholesalers. Keep rejecting my business because I’m not a sign shop.

Roma has 9mm and other replaces have thick trim boards. Looking for black 3/4" ideally.

Thanks in advance


What is stopping you from being a sign shop? Why not just make “signs in the shape of a box for the purpose of keeping animals”? What’s the worst that could happen :wink:

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Could try a bit of social engineering as a last resort. But they ask for tons of info.

Ideally there’s a place that just lets you by 4x8 sheets on a regular basis.

So another, possibly better option, is to find a place within 100 miles or so and order 10 to 20 sheets at a time so you won’t have to make the trip as frequently. Would probably be annoying to have to make a longer trip but if you buy big enough quantities you would only have to make them every couple of months (depending on how much you need and use).


You might be able to make a deal with a local sign shop to sell you blank sheets, maybe at a discount.

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