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Hi all! Just wondering for future purchase reasons, can True Red Tail boas and Leopard Boas viably reproduce? Wife most wants a big female and i want a Leopard but I know Leopards are dwarfs and wasn’t sure if it was possible. If its not, any recommendations on a compromise? Thanks in advance!

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I have a leopard too don’t mix true reds with dwarf BI Here is mine

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I’ll recommend to mix with other BI if you want to mix

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They can and will breed, but most people choose to keep them as pure as possible. Breeding BC to BC and BI to BI. There are people doing it with success though. Good luck with your endeavors!

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@david21 @jboyzboas Thanks for the replies! Is not mixing BC X BI due to blood line type reason or Genetic health?

No one really wants to buy mutts, since the point of dwarf species is to have small snakes. If you want to breed get 2 of each. There is a good chance you will be stuck with a bunch of babies that no one wants if you make mutts. I also am not sure if they smell different to each other, so you would need 2 of each anyway to trick them. A very large size difference is also a good way to get the female to kill and eat the male. Or just kill him because he is in her space.


Thank you for the info!

Unless you have purple sharpe albino that have BC blood. Then people will want them? I’m not saying this or that but to say no one will want them is crazy. As far as scent there isn’t any proof that would be an issue. And most BC males aren’t giants so saying the size issue to even an adult leopard female doesn’t make sense? Full blood is more wanted but you can’t right anything off just because you personally wouldn’t want them. Some people just want a good looking pet boa so genetics don’t even play apart. Are you gonna find someone willing to pay $1000+ probably not. But look at some purple sharp albinos.

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The size issue makes sense because they are not wanting a small female. They said they want a large female, meaning she isn’t going to be a leopard. If they don’t potentially want to be stuck with babies for a while, then it would be good to have pure bloodlines. They can get 1 female of each right now, and years down the line they can get males. Would be a better investment while also being a good compromise.

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I get what your saying, it does make sense. I think that would probably be best. I just can’t help but think what a leopard with BC color would look like. I know it may not be the most wanted boa but people have been mixing to get some of the most popular morphs. I know CA is pretty much a BI so not as drastic but there are people that say don’t mix those bloodlines. (Hypo,Aztec,motley ca and Columbian etc.) I think it’s the Breeders that go out on a limb ignoring the “rules” that produce some of the newest and sometimes most beautiful morphs/combos. I feel like that’s what makes this hobby so intriguing to new comers is the possibility to make genetic art no one has seen or even thought of yet. But I think getting 2 females to start with would be a win win for sure.

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I’m still thinking that mixing the biggest with the smallest boa isn’t a great idea.Leopard is a gene related with Sonoran locality (dwarf) and it’s a desert in the other we have a possible TRT that lives in Amazon forest with complet different weather.i know that in captivity is different but this is my personal opinion you can always go for a male leopard and a female BI

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I can agree with that, im more worried about safety as mentioned previously

I wouldnt want to risk injury for this project.

The morph side of Boa keeping/breeding is full of interspecies and interlocality crosses. The Roswell derives from a BCC x BI, A majority of Leopard combos are Boa Imperator x Boa Sigma.

With all of that said imo if you have a verified pure animal, (female) it’s always a good idea to keep her pure. If you desire putting a Constrictor, or Occidentalis, or Longicauda e.t.c into a Sigma you can find plenty of animals available already carrying some of the traits you’re looking for.


Thank you I think this is what i need to do! I’ll be looking into finding an already mixed animal and from what I’m hearing i may be able to save some money going that route also!