Question on breeding permits/licenses

This is my first year breeding reptiles, leopard geckos to be exact but I want to make sure I’m doing everything legally. I’ve been doing my research on whether or not I need any kind of permit to sell or breed reptiles in Upstate New York, and so far I haven’t found any information. I was wondering if anyone knew the answer or could point me in the right direction.

Thank you- Naven

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Just gonna call on the pros.
@stewart_reptiles @wreckroomsnakes @hinglesherps

They should be able to answer better than I could.

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The issue is that each state does have different laws and requirements when it comes to owning, breeding and selling. Some states hardly have any regulations when it comes to breeding and selling and some are heavily regulated like Florida for example.

My only info when it comes to the state of NY State are the following

New York State prohibited and regulated species


My advice contact NY Fish and Wildlife for more info (the contact info are featured on their website)


Did you ever figure this out? I live in western NY and have been trying to find information myself


Late to the party, but from my understanding you can own and breed anything that isn’t on this list without a license

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