Question on stuck shed

Hoping to get some advice on a stuck shed. I’m new to owning a Ball Python and I had my humidity at 55-60. I didn’t notice my Banana was in shed and think I should have increased the humidity some? Anyways. I’ve watched many videos about soaking/ bathing. And I know I can do it appropriately. But my question is. When should I do it?? He’s seemed to began losing shed about 3 days ago. Head area is shed and 3/4 to end of tail has been shed. Any advise appreciated.

Ive only had one bad shed with my ball, slacked on daily humidifier, and she had only really gotten maybe halfway done before I noticed and helped her out. We did a warm soak for about 30 min and then I took what didnt come off by hand and a warm washcloth. So go ahead and help your dude out! Or you can up his humidity a good bit and see if he will shred the rest off himself.

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Fortunately haven’t had any bad sheds, I would up humidity first and soak not as a “last” resort but only if they don’t lose it naturally. Good luck!

We put ours in the bath tub for a shallow swim. We then rub the snake lightly and the sheds come off.

I do a lukewarm soak for 10 minutes in an enclosed chamber (plastic tote) to trap the humidity. Then the old skin can be gently wiped away. I just did this today for one of my pythons who had a small piece stuck to his neck.

A humidity hide can be done with some moss or wet paper towels. When they start to show signs of going into shed I was told to keep humidity between 70 - 75%. I’ve only had Penny go through one shed so far with me, and it was a good one.

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I don’t recommend baths at all. Find a cheap, throwaway food container with a lid, poke a few holes in it. Then put several damp paper towels inside the container with the snake. Make sure you dampen the paper towels with lukewarm water. Your snake will be shed free in 30 minutes

One step further, I get a water sprayer from the garden section of the home improvement stores or Walmart. Spray a little water on the snake every other day while your snake is in shed. It just boosts the humidity a bit. Once snake sheds, resume regularly scheduled programming

Personally agree. If I ever had a bad shed and it stayed stuck for a day or more I’d MAYBE consider a soak but it just shouldn’t happen if humidity is right. I prefer to let it happen naturally and just foster the proper environment for them.
I don’t think (if done properly) soaking is going to stress them enough to be seriously harmful but I’ve seen comments on other sites from people that give them full baths like “mine ENJOY swimming” and that’s just not a thing.
But you guys all use your best judgment with your animals most of you have years of experience on me so as long as the snakes are happy I’m happy. I just prefer to be proactive and let nature take it’s due course.

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Thanx for the advice all. I think I’ll try container with the lukewarm paper towels first. I’ve been waiting a couple days because he still fed n/p and head and eye caps shed ok. Going to see what happens today. :crossed_fingers:


Room humidifier works well for ball pythons and people. The come as large as you want and can afford.

I just soak a snake sack in warm water and put him in it and put in viv to keep warm for 20-30 mins ,then up the humidity to about 75 and it’s off the next day naturally Or a tub with a warm wet towel in it and as he slithers around in it the towel takes it off ,plenty ways to do it tbf .

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