Question on wobble

Hi all another newbie here and I’m sure this question has been asked, what is wobble? Also is this a genetic thing and does it happen more in certain breeds. Thanks for any help

“Wobble” is a catch all term to describe the neurological symptoms displayed by certain morphs. The morph that displays it the most is Spider but it is also encountered in Champagne, Hidden Gene Woma (HGW), Spotnose, and Woma. In these morphs it is a secondary trait completely associated with the mutation. You cannot “cure” it or “breed” it away

You can encounter it in other animals as a result of over heating or exposure to toxins. In those cases it is not genetic

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The wobble is a neurological condition, it is most known in Spider ball pythons but there are a few other morphs that can have it such as Champagne. If you look up genetic issues in ball pythons on Google you can find a list of the current known morphs with the wobble along with other morphs that have different genetic issues. All Spider ball pythons have it and the severity varies on a snake by snake basis but it seems like it’s made worse by stress from my limited experience on them. It’s very rarely severe enough to be detrimental to the snake’s overall health but it can happen so if you want one, make sure the person you are getting it from is reputable and try get a video of the snake moving around or better yet, try to look at it in person. I don’t know if this is the kind of information you wanted but it’s still good to know I think.

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Any info you have is a blessing to a newbie. Thanks walkergirl

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Thanks wyman, of course I’m interested in the spider lol think I may keep looking and learning

This excellent thread has a list of the neurological issues identified in numerous ball python mutations, check it out: Morph Issues


No worries.

If you have more questions, just ask. We are all here to help where we can :+1:t4: