Question regarding Chicken Coop radiant panel

I don’t remember what thread it was in (and haven’t been able to find it) but I remember seeing someone post a photo of one of their enclosures and they are using a chicken coop panel. Hopefully, if you can point me in the direction of the user that posted that, I’d like to pick their brain a little bit… Thanks.

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I don’t suppose you mean this?

Unfortunately no. It was a photo of the panel mounted in their enclosure.

This is one of the panel’s mounted in one of my enclosures.

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Funny I was just looking at chicken radiant heat panels that I saw at Tractor Supply yesterday. Has anyone ever used one with a temp control unitl (if even possible)?

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That’s the panel I have installed in the pic above (it’s a cozy coop radiant panel). Ran it with a herpstat and it performs very similar to pro products panels.


Does it work efficiently once you get it all set in? And tweaked to the right temps

It does. Im just paranoid about using it long term, they have good reviews and are etl certified so good quality, but it doesn’t feel sealed so worried high humidity could be a problem. Also mounting it was a bit of a pain since it’s not designed for overhead install.