Question regarding potential parasite HELP

Lomg story short, my boyfriend and i got involved with a guy that was using some.od our snakes for breedings, and most of them got sick and died.

Symptoms: diarrhea with a trrrible smell, wasting, not eating…

Fast forward 6 months and the last one that didnt get sick is now having some diarrhea, vent looks dark, shes not eating…

We had taken one of the other ones to the bet but the antibiotics didn’t work… snake died…

I got some wormer, gave het a shot of antibiotics, im goimg to give her wormer shortly…

But has anyone ever experienced this and can help me?? Im scared to death.

Also, she had been soakimg alot alot begore this started… could it be something else and im just perinoid?

You should be virus testing this one also. it sounds as if they picked up something from the “guy’s” facility and not necessarily parasites. Unfortunately virus are not susceptible to antibiotics. The majority of captive born ball pythons aren’t going to have parasites unless exposed to wild caught bps or prey (not that it couldn’t happen). You can also take a stool sample to the vet to test for parasites.


To me it definitely sounds like a virus.

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If you haven’t already, have a fecal done.

Your vet also needs to be experienced in treating reptiles; if they aren’t you can locate one using the AVRA website.

Also, have you noticed any blood in the diarrhea?

While people tend to gravitate to viral infections, bacterial and parasitic infections are more common causes of morbidity in reptiles in general.


What kind of virus? And how cam we treat it?

Im going to call tomorrow and see if i cam get one ran. Our local vet that will see snakea is a real jack ass. They charge my the second. Ill call though…

And wjy would it take Moo so long to show symptoms?

I have not seen blood, but my boyfriends did. It just started with Moo, and i want to catch it asap

Was Moo kept with the other snakes?

Have you noticed any greenish or bluish mucus in the diarrhea?

The soaking may have been a response to dehydration, not necessarily related to cause - more so effect.

You need a vet for the diagnosis, were I in your position I would strongly suggest to the vet that this could be amoebic dysentery/amebiasis. You have to be diplomatic in communicating this; make them think it’s their idea.

Do you have acess to a microscope to do a quick fecal float yourself?

No i do not

Yeah you’re going to want to get tested right away. How are you quarenteening these animals?

Edit: I would agree this sounds like more like a protozoa, but it is rather odd that all of them got sick at the same time.


Agree with all assessments that you need to get some tests done to ID the issue rather than just blindly shooting around with drugs. Fecal exam, bacterial type and sensitivity, and possibly viral (I would specifically check for adenovirus but paramyxovirus and serpentovirus are not bad to look for as well)


Got her to the vet… she had oral meds for 3 days and will have antibiotics for a couple weeks…

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